Major products from these farms are milk, quality dairy and beef heifers and bulls for sale to other farmers, improved mangoes, clean fruit planting materials, forages and hay, bananas, basic seed (maize and sunflower) under contract for seed companies.

The Company which specialized in intensive and extensive dairy production systems and Food Science and Technology have gained a lot of entrepreneurial skills which they intend to put to good use for the future development of The Company To become a leading investor in the agriculture sector by forming beneficial and profitable partnerships with small holder farmers and other key stakeholders in the country.

Our Company produces quality agricultural products using improved production, value addition and marketing innovations for multiple benefits.


  • >>  To use improved crop and livestock production technologies; and innovative marketing techniques for maximum enterprises profitability;
  • >>  To form mutually beneficial partnerships with individual farmers, local and foreign investors, farmer groups/associations, traders, whole sellers and enter strategic partnerships with serious investors in agri-business including crop, forage and livestock value chains;To process and market quality crop and livestock products at prices that are high enough to meet all production, marketing and management costs along the way making profit.