Road are the indispensable network for human mobility which directly influence the functioning of trade and human interaction. In view of the significant of road to the Nations positive development, Bleneson Services Nigerial Limited extensively and very carefully researches and participates in road construction with the view to providing effective, durable, long lasting and economic road networks. Bleneson Services Nigerial Limited is fully equipped technically and resourcefully to undertake rural and urban road construction.

Our team further ensures that there is a very transparent testing procedure for our clients to confirm our quality. These stringent measure are necessary in view of the high capital investment and economic benefits that road Engineering entails. Using the latest civil Engineering methods, Bleneson Services Nigerial Limited delivers all road projects in excellent time.

Bleneson Services Nigerial Limited has a policy to carry out its activities in such a manner that ensures the good health, safety and security of its employees, subcontractors, members of the public. To this end, this company hires the best available talent to conceive and implement its ideas, it creates a dynamic and rewarding work environment to nurture and sustain this creative spirit. Innovation is a core value, an ever-abiding quality of this company.

It is renowned for its innovative spirit, continually seeing new alternative methods to achieve its stated objectives. The corporate culture is to encourage and reinforce a spirit of adventure and curiosity, aimed at discovering and implementing improved ways and means of delivering its products and services. The iconoclastic permeates the very core of this organization.

Technology provides the underpinnings of this company’s activities, whenever reasonable, The Company endeavours to incorporate the most innovative technological tools and techniques to streamline and accelerate its operations, with a view to gaining and maximizing, its operational and competitive advantages. This applies not to the products and services provided to its customers but also to its internal operations and methodologies.

While doing so, The Company and its associates uphold the highest ethical ideal, this shall be viewed both as a strategic business practices as well as core value, The Company, under no circumstances or for any reason-not even financial reward be permissive of ethical laxity in its relationship with itself, its employees and associates, its state holders, or its clients.

The Company strives at all times to maintain the highest ethical ideas-trust, honesty, integrity, courtesy; reliability it patrons expect this from associates these values with the corporation. At the end of the day, The Company adds value to the stakeholders associates and clients positively and sustainable impact their standard and experience of living and be profitably rewarded for its contribution.

The various lines of road construction engaged in by Bleneson Services Nigerial Limited are as follows: