Road are the indispensable network for human mobility which directly influence the functioning of trade and human interaction. In view of the significant of road to the Nations positive development, Bleneson Services Nigerial Limited extensively and very carefully researches and participates in road construction with the view to providing effective, durable, long lasting and economic road networks. Bleneson Services Nigerial Limited is fully equipped technically and resourcefully to undertake rural and urban road construction.


Bleneson Services Nigerial Limited employs experienced builders, architects and structural engineering in this field, hence the high standard maintained in all its building projects.

Building projects that can be handled by Bleneson Services Nigerial Limited include the following:



Bleneson Services Nigeria Limited is a consortium of professionals drawn from every field of Water engineering. The Company was organize to specifically take care of the special problems associated with the understanding development and exploitation of Water Resource. The principal business of The Company are Geophysical Survey, Boreholes, Soil Investigation, Underground Water Treatment Seepage Control, Design and fabrication of both over head and underground steel tanks, Dams etc.


Major products from these farms are milk, quality dairy and beef heifers and bulls for sale to other farmers, improved mangoes, clean fruit planting materials, forages and hay, bananas, basic seed (maize and sunflower) under contract for seed companies.

The Company which specialized in intensive and extensive dairy production systems and Food Science and Technology have gained a lot of entrepreneurial skills which they intend to put to good use for the future development ….


Bleneson Services Nigeria Limited represents world leaders in supplying and Procurement of home, office, and business furniture in conjunction with its overseas partners.

Bleneson Services Nigeria Limited has established of its years of operation a reputation of outstanding quality in supplying and Procurement of furniture.


Bleneson Services Nigeria Limited is able to provide a full range of Professional Electrical Engineering and Electrical Services


  • >>  External and Internal Electrical Power Supply and Distribution.
  • >>  Electronics/Electrical Automated Security Systems. Rural Electrification Scheme….
  • >>  Supply and Installation of Generating System.